Meghan Rock

For my day job, I'm a science illustrator. You can see my professional work at I rarely go a day without doing something creative, from knitting or sewing to tending bonsai to painting and drawing. 

I'm a midwest native with saltwater running through my veins–I am and always will be an enormous marine biology enthusiast. This is reflected in much of the fine art I am driven to create. If I can't be around the physical ocean, at least I can be around it visually.

In my studio I have two four-legged assistants: a siamese cat and a pembroke welsh corgi (you'll see a lot of them if you follow me on instagram!) as well as the occasional husky depending on the day. Pets are a huge inspiration for me to create art as well and I love doing portraiture of my fuzzy friends.

In general, I'm pretty thankful that life is never boring and every day I strive to find the happiness around me. 

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